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RSPCT is the leading basketball shot tracking technology on the market today. 


RSPCT utilizes an optical sensor placed on the backboard to track every dimension of basketball shooting, including origin of shot, arc, make/miss, and point of entry into the basket, or accuracy.

Accuracy is the leading indicator in determining whether the next shot will go in. 

Whether you play, coach, manage, or view basketball, RSPCT can add value to your experience. 

RSPCT is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel

What We Do

RSPCT measures, collects, and retains all shot data for its users.

This data is valuable to coaches, teams, media, sports betting participants, and more. 

We help players at all levels improve, from the youngest player to an NBA All-Star. 

We enable coaches and players at all levels to optimize practices and game time performance. 

We empower coaches to call the shots during games.


We improve the fan experience in games through tools and data. 

We make each shooting practice more fun and effective. 


Player Development 

 RSPCT provides a detailed

user interface showing shooting data, which can be used to improve your game.

The data can be accessed anytime, during practice or after it, to match the player and coach's preferences.

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With RSPCT you'll be able to immediately answer the main 2 questions, which are the basis for any shooting evaluation and improvement: 
What's the probability that the next shot will go in?

How can we improve those chances?

+ On Shooting

Fan Experience

& Broadcast

RSPCT adds value by creating unique visual content for media, live games, and social media. 

Sports Betting

With the RSPCT data, sports bettors and betting operators have the tools to make more informed and better betting decisions, improving betting outcomes.

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RSPCT's management, investors and advisers comprise an All-Star team of sports technologists, businesspeople, and startup experts

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Oren Moravchik


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Oren H Yogev

FreeD, Blink


Gal Oz

SportVU, Pixellot


Brian Kopp

STATS, Catapult, Phoenix


What our Investors Say

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“I’m constantly looking for ways to improve as a shooter.

I believe this technology can provide an advantage in becoming a better shot maker.

Every kid should shoot with this.”

- JJ Reddick

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"RSPCT is designed to help maximize training and performance through the analysis of data.

The innovative technology can be used to improve the shooting of the best players in the NBA as well as young athletes just getting started."

- Chris Paul, NBA All-Star

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"We are seeing that the more we can measure, the more we can improve the capabilities of our young athletes.

Once you get the data to improve your performance, there is no going back!"

- Larry Hughes, NBA Veteran


Every shot. Every basket. Everywhere.  

Are you ready to be a part of the future of basketball? 

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