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Top NBA players invest in RSPCT - advanced basketball shot tracking technology

Press Release

June 27, 2019

Contact information:

RSPCT Basketball announces that Chris Paul, JJ Redick, Larry Hughes and additional top basketball figures have invested in basketball shot-tracking technology company RSPCT Basketball. The company’s solution is already in use at all levels, from NBA teams to schools, to youth academies. RSPCT’s shot tracking helps evaluate and improve shooting faster and with more accuracy than any others. As evidenced in the 2018 NBA All Star 3pt Contest (click here), it substantially improves the basketball fan experience, and provides data and statistics that can be used as legalized gaming grows. The company’s mission is to bring this value to every player, every basket and every broadcast.

JJ Redick, with a reputation for being one of the best shooters in the game says: “I’m constantly looking for ways to improve as a shooter. I believe this technology can provide an advantage in becoming a better shot maker. Every kid should shoot with this”

NBA All-Star and businessman Chris Paul says: “RSPCT is designed to help maximize training and performance through the analysis of data. The innovative technology can be used to improve the shooting of the best players in the NBA as well as young athletes just getting started.”

Larry Hughes, NBA Veteran whose new LHBA youth academy is the first to employ both RSPCT and Kinexon player tracking technologies, says “We are seeing that the more we can measure, the more we can improve the capabilities of our young athletes. Once you get and use the data to improve your performance, there is no going back!”

Oren Moravchik, RSPCT’s founder and CEO says: “We’ve proven that our tech can help every basketball player and coach optimize their knowledge and talent. With the massively talented and visionary basketball personas joining us and supporting our vision, we intend to bring that value to every backboard”.


RSPCT is an Israeli based company that brings precision in shooting analytics to basketball. Its product is a small sensor that turns every basket into a smart basket, which tracks not only FG% but also each shot’s accuracy and full trajectory, with unparalleled precision and in real time, and turns that data into actionable insights for the player, coach, and media. Shooting Accuracy provides the two answers that FG% doesn’t answer: “what are the player’s chances of making the next shot?”, and “how can he\she improve those chances?”.

FG%-wise the above results are all identical: 80%.

However, they represent very different shooting qualities and potential for improvement.

For more information on RSPCT please visit our website at or call us at (954) 296-2925.

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